Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scrapbooking Expo! (Somerset, NJ)

Today was quite an eventful Saturday, despite the fact that I was a little lazy this morning and didn't wake up until almost 11am!! Uggghhhhh! BUT, Chris and I went over to NJ for the Scrapbooking Expo (yes I forced him to go with me) and it was great, we had a good time together and he was actually interested in looking at most of the products and demos, which worked out for me! He was also very supportive, as always, and let me purchase whatever I wanted...which led to me getting some cool embellishments, some Cosmo Cricket and Melissa Frances Papers AND the Bosskut Gazelle personal die cutter!!

I'm SOOO excited because I've been wanting a die cutter forever, but I wanted something that I can hook up to my computer and cut whatever I've designed. I don't want to have to go through the extra expense of having to buy cartridges every time I need a new design or font. This cutter seems to be the perfect choice especially because I can use it along with my Adobe Illustrator, it will cut ANYTHING that I can draw, not to mention that we were able to get a pretty good deal on it too!! I can't wait to try it out!

I love going to these shows because I feel so inspired and ready to work afterward!! Hopefully I can get a few things accomplished soon that I can start sharing! 

Hope you all are having a great weekend so far!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back in Town!

Can you believe it?!? I'm FINALLY BACK!! It seems like forever since I posted on here (well it's been 4 forever sounds about right :-/)...but everything got so hectic in May once my "hubby" came back from the Marines (I still can't get used to referring to him as my husband...It makes me feel so old! haha.

So just a quick recap of all that happened while I was away...

Chris landed a job 3 days out of the Marine Corps (Hallelujah!)and we moved in together at the beginning of June. It was definitely exciting, but a bit of an adjustment, especially if you've never lived with the opposite sex before! Usually they just don't do things the way you're used to, but that's all part of life and what makes the whole experience so interesting and fun!

Anyway...back to the topic at hand, we had our wedding on August 1st and it was AMAZING!! We couldn't have wished for better weather, it was sunny and warm, but not humid, it was just right! All of our closest family and friends were there to help share the day with us and everything went off without a hitch! We are both so happy that everything worked out and we have so many wonderful memories to share forever! Also, our honeymoon in Costa Rica was sooo relaxing and beautiful!! I took TONS of pictures because I couldn't resist the beautiful scenery over there! I can't wait to share some pictures with all of you...but bare with me, because i'm a little slow getting back into the swing of things.

First on my "To Do List" is to try to catch up with all of my blogging, or lack there of! I miss sitting down and taking time to express my thoughts/feelings and I REALLY miss letting those creative juices flow!!! So like I said, bare with me...and I will get there. Also, on a very happy I subscribed to the Studio Calico monthly scrapbooking kits and I can't WAIT until I get the first one!! I hope it gets here really really fast! Do any of you subscribe to Studio Calico already?? If so, what are your thoughts on them??

Well it feels good to be back and I look forward to posting a lot more and sharing all of my recent events with you soon, so check back often!


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