Monday, December 14, 2009

Handmade Gift Giving!

It's THAT time of year again...when all we think about is spending time with family, enjoying the holiday cheer and giving gifts to the ones we love! It seems like such a magical time... and everyone is usually in a great mood because the Holidays are here!

Over the past couple years gift giving has become so much more important to me, especially when it's something handmade...something that you're giving from the heart, which you probably put all your heart into making! I feel that it's so much more meaningful when you put a lot of thought and effort into ones's not just slapped together, or given with little thought. I like to cherish every moment of the gift making process and in the end the gratitude and warmth that you feel from that person makes it all worth while!

Speaking of gift giving...there's been A LOT of baby showers at my job lately. It seems like everyone's been struck by baby fever! (Hopefully I won't get hit with that anytime soon...cause we are just not ready yet!). But babies are so sweet and so cute, how can you not LOVE these celebrations?!? I recently made a personalized frame for a woman at work who's having a baby boy. She's Israeli and so I wanted to incorporate part of her culture to make it personal. This frame includes the baby's name and then the Hebrew interpretation with the meaning. It was definitely a one of a kind gift. Take a look;

I was able to creat this frame fairly quickly, in a couple hours. It was a great addition to the 2 outfits she recieved as well. I can't wait to welcome little baby Ben into the world very soon!

Then there's the gifts that take us a while to complete. There's always some. While I was living in Jersey City, my neighbors had a little baby boy, and for the wife's birthday her husband bought a sweet keepsake box to put the son's first piece of hair (from his first haircut) and his first tooth, to always remember. The gift was wonderful, but he felt like something was missing...some added interest...which it was lacking since it was just a plain white box. So he asked me to do something with it, to make it more eye catching. I took on the challenge, knowing that I could do something with it to make this keepsake one they will always cherish. Of course with all the moving I've done this year, it took a while to complete the job, but it's finally finished! All it took was some cute patterned paper (making memories), a rub-on, a few buttons (making memories) and a ribbon to tie it all together! The outcome was great! The box looked so cute and definitely stands out. It was so simple to do and has so much more meaning... Enjoy!! :-)


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