Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Learning to celebrate the little things.

Well here I am, back again after a long hiatus from blogging. I do apologize for disappearing. Sometimes life just gets away from us, and before we know it, 6 months has gone by and we can't even say where the time has gone! 

So much has happened since my last post in February, too much to touch upon in just one post. However the main things are; we moved to a 2 bedroom apartment (about 10 mins. from our old place), where I now have a craft room (yeeaaaayyyyy!!) and the other is that I was recently laid off from my job (not so good). Losing your job is always tough and now so much more personal for me, but with the way the economy has been, it's really no big surprise. Sometimes you clearly just have to take the good with the bad, try to see the brighter side of things and realize that perhaps your situation may be a blessing in disguise. Maybe it's an opportunity to do something greater, to be happier, to pursue what it is you truly want to do. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and there's always experiences that we can learn from and then move on. 

Which leads me to the point of this post- no matter what happens, and no matter how bad things may seem, we always need to remember to celebrate the little things. It's the little things that make up our lives, and tell our stories. Life wouldn't exist otherwise. They are the things that make you- YOU and me- ME! So regardless of your next obstacle or challenge, never forget to celebrate the little things along the way. And here's my interpretation of that;

I came across this color palette on Pinterest via Piradee Talvanna from the Photo Card Boutique (and pinned it to my color palette inspiration board). So I thought it was perfect for creating a card about celebrating the little things in life. These colors are so happy and fun!

I recently joined Pinterest within the last few months and I think it was one of the best things I could have done! It's basically a website where you can store an endless amount of virtual inspiration or "pin" boards. You can "pin" any image that can be found on the web to your boards according to theme or category. It's awesome! The best part about it is, all of your inspiration can be found in one place and is easily accessible! Definitely check it out if you haven't!

On the right is my hand sketch of the card (which was inspired from a LO by Piradee Talvanna in the September issue of Creating Keepsakes entitled; Fall) . I've realized that planning out my projects ahead of time, definitely helps to cut down on time and makes the final product look more cohesive.

And here is the final product! This card is 5x7 and most of the products used came from the Studio Calico Lawn Party kit. I love it's vintage feel! I used a lot of layering and dimension to add interest. I also like how adding the ruffle gives a more finished look and the yarn with butterflies create movement.

Butterflies symbolize change and celebration, which is why I thought they were perfect for this card. With every change, no matter how big or small, we should celebrate.


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