Sunday, November 15, 2009

Superhero Sunday

Yes...I'm posting, finally! Well it's been so hectic lately...I barely can find time to keep up around the house let alone keep up with my blog! My main wish would be to have more than 24hours in a day! I need it!! But hey...I need to thank my lucky stars that I'm able to post when I can! I'm just happy to have the chance.

So superheros are a part of my daily life, thanks to my loving husband. He's a HUGE fan of all things comic book related ESPECIALLY if it involves Superman, Batman or the Green Lantern! Haha. It's so cute brings out the kid in him...which is very sweet and innocent. We even recently bought a shelf from Ikea to house all of his comic books and actions figures nice and neatly in the living room. I of course added a couple frames and some vases to that shelf. (He can't hog it know!?! After all, sharing is caring!)

I always know that when it comes to superheros, they will always make him smile so last year for his birthday I created a superman card. It came out really nice and it's something for him to add to his stash and he loved it!

Considering this first superhero card was a hit, I created one yesterday for my little cousin's 13th birthday. He has this knew found love for spiderman and we were giving him some first edition spiderman comic books, so I thought this card would be appropriate. To make it more personal I drew the spiderman by hand, which took a while but it was very rewarding once I finished to see how well it turned out. I was pretty impressed. Again, the superhero card was a hit. There may be more to come in the future...we'll see. Enjoy!

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