Sunday, July 27, 2008

A New Creation!

I recently came across a decorative frame which sparked my interest in making Scrapframes! I think the idea of a scrapframe is's essentially a scrapbook page that becomes part of your home decor! Why not create a masterpiece (which would ordinarily be found in an album...hidden on your bookshelf) and take it to the wall to share with everyone who enters your home?! I love this idea...and thought I would give it my own little spin! Here is my first official scrapframe that I made for a co-worker who just got married. The title is; Something Old Something New and there is a poem that reads-

A Lasting Marriage Is Based On Many Things

A close relationship is based on friendship.

A caring relationship is based on sharing and understanding.

A romantic relationship is based on giving freely and on the ability to receive gratefully and graciously.
An intimate relationship is based on openness and honesty.

An affectionate relationship is based on patience and acceptance.

A secure relationship is based not on promises, but rather on trust, respect, faithfulness and the ability to forgive.
A lasting marriage is based on all of these bound together by love.
-Author Unknown

These frames are can make them your own and personalize them for any occasion/person! I know the picture does no justice for this piece, but for my first scrapframe...I must say, it came out pretty darn good! Enjoy!
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