Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Space

Being creative has become a part of life for me, since before I can remember. I've been drawing, coloring, etc...from a very young age. Art classes were my favorite in grade school and my schedule was always packed full of them! Art is my passion and creating is my heart. Life isn't full filling for me, if I'm not being creative. I've always said that in order to truly be happy, you must do something everyday that makes you happy (or try anyway) and that happiness for me is creating something new, something beautiful, and something that may be inspirational to others. I also love gathering inspiration from other creative people, the world is full of them and the internet has helped us all connect in some type of way. When I am creating, I am truly in my element!

One of the most important parts of creating, is having ample space to do so. As of right now, the hubby and I are living in a one bedroom apartment, so space is very limited...BUT rest assure that I have carved my little sanctuary out of 3/8's of the living room :-). For now, it's my little piece of heaven. Recently I've been trying to get more organized and keep things neat, (we all know how awful it is trying to be creative and inspired in a big mess) so I've been more diligent about organizing things in a way that I can keep them neat and make it easier for clean up after a new project. I wanted to share a few pictures of my space with all of you, I hope you enjoy and please note that this is only the beginning, hopefully sooner than later we will be on to a bigger and better space, where I can really have my own sanctuary (like a WHOLE room) :-)...nevertheless, I'm grateful for what I've been blessed with thus far! Enjoy;

full view from living room

                 work table                                                           extra work space

storage                                                              desk

What I like most about my space right now is that I share it with my husband so usually we are still together while doing the things we both love to do because I know once I get to have my own crafting room, we will rarely see each other... :-/

What do you love most about your special space??

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