Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Time to Remember

This past Sunday, August 1st was a very special day for Chris and I, it was our first wedding anniversary! It's hard to believe that a year and 2 days ago I was walking down the isle, we were ready to change our lives forever...
It was an amazing day, one that we will never forget. Coincidentally, we finally received all of our wedding photos/album from our big day this past Saturday, and it was a very welcomed anniversary present! The album is gorgeous, all the pictures are so stunning! Here are a couple of my favorites from the ceremony;

I felt like a princess and Chris was my prince charming of course! We couldn't have asked for better weather or a smoother experience. Everything was PERFECT!

Now exactly a year from today we left for our honeymoon in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It was so beautiful and relaxing, we had an amazing time. We rode ATV's around the countryside, took a ride over to Nicaragua for a day for some great sight seeing, visited one of the area's most active Volcanoes, also took a hike in the rain forest and a dip in the hot springs. I wish we were heading back there again...if only we could rewind a year, but of course all good things must come to an end...until our next much needed vacation that is. Here are some snap shots of us at the airport in Miami waiting for our connection to Costa Rica and also when we first arrived in CR;

Here's to a happy, healthy and long life together babe! :-) I love you more than words.

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Ki said...

I wish the two of you a long, healthy, LOVING and sharing, blessed life and marriage. Keep each other near and dear, share everything, hold no secrets for this is your best friend for life. It is a blessing what God has put together and the two of you should cherish it as such. What I'm saying is love dearly and God will take care of the rest. This is what I've learned and what I stick to. Now my hubby get on my nerves some times as do our kids but love is all in my nerves. lol I wish the two of you a wonderful and prosperous marriage:)

I know that was long but I'm such a mush when it comes to weddings.


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