Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crafting Spaces

Where do you craft? Do you have a room all to yourself? Or maybe a quiet little corner in your house? I would have to claim the latter. Unfortunately I don't have a whole room to myself yet, but I'm definitely planning for that in the near future!

There are SO MANY possibilities out there and you can practically turn ANY area into a crafting space, you just have to be creative! (How ironic! *wink*) One of my biggest fascinations on this topic of a crafting space, is the "Craft Closet"....and some of you may be saying, "how can that be?" I'm here to tell you, "Oh, it can!" This may be the most practical type of space for most people, since most of us aren't lucky enough to dedicated a whole room to our most treasured hobbies/work and all you really need is a closet, we all have those...don't we?!? Well, with a little determination, creativity and organization, you can turn just about ANY closet into a craft oasis! Now, there's tons of books and videos etc, out there that provide great tips on transforming areas in your home into an office or a creative space, so all you need to do is....go for it! It's never too late and once you create a space of your own, for what you love to do, it makes what you love to do that much more exciting & enjoyable! Trust me, I don't have the greatest space, but I do at least have a corner, or should I say a side of the living room that I can call my own. Get started this weekend, you won't be sorry!

And while you're psyching yourself up and getting ready to take the plunge...take a look at a couple cool closet crafting spaces (and a craft cabinet) that I found out there! I don't know about you, but looking at these little spaces makes me want to create something FABULOUS!!!

image credit: Our little nest

image credit: homegoods

image credit: 

Enjoy and while your at it, tell me about your space! Also, if you'd like to have your creative space featured here, email me at- wahkunamaelyn{at}msn{dot}com. Tell me what your favorite part of your craft space is and what you would change about it (if anything) if given the chance. I'm really excited, so hurry, don't be shy, show me!! :-)

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Ki said...

First of all if you have a space to craft it IS a great space so don't say that:) I love closet offices. My cousin has the cutest one ever. I do tho have a room all to myself that I call my Craft Studio. And it is in the midst of some changes"to come". I will gladly share if you like, I'll email you.


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