Friday, September 16, 2011

Inspiring Inspiration Boards

I don't know about you, but I just LOVE inspiration boards. To me, they are the first step toward any design. Creating an inspiration board, helps you to visualize all the elements that make up your final work of art. They also help guide you through the design process ensuring that important design details aren't left out and helps you to stay clear and focused along the way. It's almost like brainstorming for artists!

Now there's many places to find inspiration boards that have been created by countless others, to help jump start your own board. So here are a few resources I turn to often and you'll see why...

Ivory/Pink/Gold Vintage Notions Inspiration Board

This first lovely board was taken from the book French General Treasured Notions, written by Kaari Meng. I absolutely love this book. The photos are beautiful and the history behind this book and the story of the Tinsel Trading Company in NYC is incredible! If you appreciate good design, I would highly recommend this book to add to your inspirational library, you won't be sorry! The details on this vintage notions board are priceless, and the old world elements are rich with a history all their own!

Lavender/Lime Parisian Themed Inspiration Board

The second board is from the book Paperie For Inspired Living by Karen Bartolomei of Grapevine Paperie. This is another wonderful resource, full of stationery and decor ideas for weddings, parties and other special occasions. I love how this book starts out by explaining the design process and how to be a great host (2 key points to throwing your own successful gathering). In this book, Karen Bartolomei explains how she begins each new project by creating an inspiration board (like the one above), to get all her ideas in one place, and she often takes it with her and references back to it when choosing elements for each event. This Parisian style inspiration board has a vintage feel with sophisticated details. How inspiring?!?

Naturally Elegant Inspiration Journal

The last inspiration board I want to share with you today, is more casual in presentation. It's a "working" design journal by Leslie at A Creative Mint. Leslie has such a beautiful blog, with so many amazing photographs! When I stumbled upon this picture, I found it so inspirational, with so much depth and character because it's literally a work in progress and that is the beauty of it. The style of this inspiration is feminine yet natural and simply elegant. You should definitely stop on over to A Creative Mint and explore all the lovely photographs and beautiful inspiration there, you'll be glad you did!

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy these great resources! Also, how do you usually plan for your next design project?

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