Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple things that make us smile

Meet Arthur. He's super friendly, likes to be where all the action is, and clearly even likes to share other people's beverages! This is my best friend's little guy, and while I spent time with her over the weekend, I caught him sneaking some water from my mug! It was so cute, I had to capture the memory, because it's the simple things that make us smile. And just imagine- a little while after this picture was taken, he couldn't stick his head in far enough to reach the water that was left, so he had some clever tricks. He would stick his paw into the mug to get the water and then lick it off! Lol, it was too funny, all I have to say is; animal's do the darndest things!

Anyway, I had a pretty good weekend-catching up with old friends around a fire pit, showing my support at a cancer benefit, and watching the new SJP movie and enjoying some good Riesling with my best friend *wink*.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well.

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