Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Memory Books & Journals

Yesterday I received my newest issue of Creating Keepsakes for October 2011, and there is a whole section in the back dedicated to Memory Books for Everyday Scrapbooking. In this section they feature Smash Journals and other sketch/composition book type memory keeping. I love this style, it's unconventional and full of character. To me, it's the new alternative to traditional scrapbooking. Looking at these books, filled with pictures, ephemera and memorabilia is so interesting and exciting. It's almost like every time you look at the pages, there's something new to see- like looking at it for the first time. It's busy, but fun and that's what I love about it!!

Here is the perfect example of this unconventional creativity that I love so much! There's so many places for your eye to wander, and it keeps you coming back for more! All of the layering and color is so exciting! These types of books remind me of the inspiration journals I used to create while studying Fashion in college. The content within the pages tell a story and are inspiring all at the same time!

I definitely think that creating an unconventional memory book is something we should all try at some point. As usual with crafting, there's NO rules and NO right way to do it, which is the beauty of it all! I dare you to try it- you won't be sorry!

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