Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Best Friend

 Yesterday afternoon, I received the beautiful card above from my best friend Jill. It was totally unexpected, but definitely made my day (again, its the little things in life that make us smile). We spent part of our weekend together, and the card was a thank you note for the time we shared. As the front says; happy friends day, and the inside reads; I just made that up 'cause I wanted you to know how special you are to me (along with a personal note of encouragement). I definitely felt special to have received something so thoughtful and I'm so lucky to have her in my life!

Through all of life's difficult times and challenges, one thing remains important- that we have our best friends. They are the kind of friends that will always be by your side, through good times and bad and through all of life's ups & downs. They are happy for you when your happy and they are supportive of you when life doesn't work out the way you expected. There's no conditions, there's no expectations, they love you unconditionally and would never turn their back on you. Good friends pick you up after a fall, wipe the tears from your eyes and help to send you on your way, because they know you can do it, they know you have the strength and courage but also plan to be there every step of the way to help you through it. So when life gets too tough, or almost unbearable, this is what I'm MOST thankful for, for a wonderful friendship, that withstands the test of time, through grade school to real life and everything in between. We may not have been as close at times, but the bond still remains the same. We can pick up the phone, or grab a cup of coffee after an unspecified amount of time, but still be right back to the way it was- where it all started so many years ago. I love her for her thoughtfulness, for her caring ways and most of all for her strength, because without my best friend, life would be incomplete, in so many ways!

Over the years she's taught me a lot, and I believe I'm a better person with her friendship. And though there may not always be time to stop and be thankful for the amazing people in our lives, I wanted to take the time today to thank my best friend of 21 years (that's right, 21 years!!) for always being by my side and lifting me up when I need it the most. I love you. xoxo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crafting Spaces #2

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share a few creative craft spaces with you that have caught my eye lately. I think these places are so stylish but yet functional for all your creative needs! Have a look and while you're at it, add some of these fabulous details to your craft space list! Enjoy! xo

Image Source; Becky Oehlers

Image Source; Unknown

Image Source; PB Teen

Btw, if you have a fun craft space that you love and would like to share with us, shoot me an email and it might just be featured in my next Crafting Spaces post! Don't think about it, just do it! *wink*

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Memory Books & Journals

Yesterday I received my newest issue of Creating Keepsakes for October 2011, and there is a whole section in the back dedicated to Memory Books for Everyday Scrapbooking. In this section they feature Smash Journals and other sketch/composition book type memory keeping. I love this style, it's unconventional and full of character. To me, it's the new alternative to traditional scrapbooking. Looking at these books, filled with pictures, ephemera and memorabilia is so interesting and exciting. It's almost like every time you look at the pages, there's something new to see- like looking at it for the first time. It's busy, but fun and that's what I love about it!!

Here is the perfect example of this unconventional creativity that I love so much! There's so many places for your eye to wander, and it keeps you coming back for more! All of the layering and color is so exciting! These types of books remind me of the inspiration journals I used to create while studying Fashion in college. The content within the pages tell a story and are inspiring all at the same time!

I definitely think that creating an unconventional memory book is something we should all try at some point. As usual with crafting, there's NO rules and NO right way to do it, which is the beauty of it all! I dare you to try it- you won't be sorry!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple things that make us smile

Meet Arthur. He's super friendly, likes to be where all the action is, and clearly even likes to share other people's beverages! This is my best friend's little guy, and while I spent time with her over the weekend, I caught him sneaking some water from my mug! It was so cute, I had to capture the memory, because it's the simple things that make us smile. And just imagine- a little while after this picture was taken, he couldn't stick his head in far enough to reach the water that was left, so he had some clever tricks. He would stick his paw into the mug to get the water and then lick it off! Lol, it was too funny, all I have to say is; animal's do the darndest things!

Anyway, I had a pretty good weekend-catching up with old friends around a fire pit, showing my support at a cancer benefit, and watching the new SJP movie and enjoying some good Riesling with my best friend *wink*.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Inspiring Inspiration Boards

I don't know about you, but I just LOVE inspiration boards. To me, they are the first step toward any design. Creating an inspiration board, helps you to visualize all the elements that make up your final work of art. They also help guide you through the design process ensuring that important design details aren't left out and helps you to stay clear and focused along the way. It's almost like brainstorming for artists!

Now there's many places to find inspiration boards that have been created by countless others, to help jump start your own board. So here are a few resources I turn to often and you'll see why...

Ivory/Pink/Gold Vintage Notions Inspiration Board

This first lovely board was taken from the book French General Treasured Notions, written by Kaari Meng. I absolutely love this book. The photos are beautiful and the history behind this book and the story of the Tinsel Trading Company in NYC is incredible! If you appreciate good design, I would highly recommend this book to add to your inspirational library, you won't be sorry! The details on this vintage notions board are priceless, and the old world elements are rich with a history all their own!

Lavender/Lime Parisian Themed Inspiration Board

The second board is from the book Paperie For Inspired Living by Karen Bartolomei of Grapevine Paperie. This is another wonderful resource, full of stationery and decor ideas for weddings, parties and other special occasions. I love how this book starts out by explaining the design process and how to be a great host (2 key points to throwing your own successful gathering). In this book, Karen Bartolomei explains how she begins each new project by creating an inspiration board (like the one above), to get all her ideas in one place, and she often takes it with her and references back to it when choosing elements for each event. This Parisian style inspiration board has a vintage feel with sophisticated details. How inspiring?!?

Naturally Elegant Inspiration Journal

The last inspiration board I want to share with you today, is more casual in presentation. It's a "working" design journal by Leslie at A Creative Mint. Leslie has such a beautiful blog, with so many amazing photographs! When I stumbled upon this picture, I found it so inspirational, with so much depth and character because it's literally a work in progress and that is the beauty of it. The style of this inspiration is feminine yet natural and simply elegant. You should definitely stop on over to A Creative Mint and explore all the lovely photographs and beautiful inspiration there, you'll be glad you did!

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy these great resources! Also, how do you usually plan for your next design project?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Beginnings

Image from; Insomnious Nights c/o Tere Arigo

“When something doesn't work out the way you expected, whether a dream, a goal, a friendship, or a relationship its always hard and always sad. There’s a lingering thought of what went wrong and questions that will never be answered. But I came to realize that as a page of my life turns, somewhere, somehow, a new chapter is waiting to start.”-Unknown

With that said- there's been a lot of changes in my life as of late, and although this is a challenging time, I look forward to the new possibilities and places where life might take me. And with faith, strength and courage, I know I will be OK in the end.


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