Friday, October 21, 2011

Inspiration on the book shelf

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all are doing well, and made it through the week nicely! I know I'm excited that the weekend is here, I have a Halloween party at a friend's house this weekend, which will be a lot of fun, so I can't wait for that! 

Anyway, to get to today's post; I was at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore a couple weeks ago, where I almost always head to the crafts section first. On this particular day, I was in a decorating mood (probably from all the HGTV I watch regularly) and decided that the below two books are at the top of my MUST HAVE list for inspiration; (don't mind the photos-taken from my phone)

And these to support my baking habit;

And of course we can't forget the decorating magazines! I'm a magazine junky, and I absolutely LOVE Flea Market style for it's vintage flair and crafty projects for the home, Storage by BH&G because they always have such cool ways to store things in your home or office that can be decorative too (dual purpose). And last, but not least, the NEW HGTV magazine!! I'm so excited they have come out with a magazine and it's just AMAZING! It's like having the HGTV channel, in a book :-), it's so necessary!

So as I said before, I gather a lot of inspiration from these types of books/magazines and I'm always on the hunt for new inspiration that will get the creativity flowing! So that's it for today, hope you all enjoy your weekend and I'll meet you back here next week! xo

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