Monday, October 24, 2011

New Series; Weekend in Review Vol.#1- Halloween Party & King Richard's Fair

Hey there, welcome back! I hope you all had a great weekend and had a chance to get out and do something fun, as well as relax! I'm here today to introduce a new series on the Wahkuna Mae-lyn blog called Weekend in Review which I will run every Monday (at least until the end of this year *fingers crossed*). Its where I will share little clips of my weekend.

So to start it off; On Saturday I went to my good friend's Halloween party at her brand NEW house! First of all, I'm SO excited for her new home (of which she bought all on her own at age 26! I'm such a proud friend!) She's done a lot of work on it, and the whole downstairs was renovated (which is right up my alley, with my HGTV obsession 'n' all!) 

It was a great party, full of new faces for me, but was really fun and I was happy to be in attendance! My costume this year, is basically the same costume I wore last year (a Native American). I love it and was able to save a lot of money by recycling and reusing it for this year! A win/win situation! My friend Katelyn's costume was the bride of Chucky! The costume was brilliant, and looked great on her, don't you think!?!

On Sunday I went to the King Richard's Fair in Carver, MA with friends. I've never been, but it was AWESOME! It's like going back in time to the Medieval days! Everyone who works at the fair dresses up and also a lot of the fair goers do too (even the little kiddos)! It was crazy! There was; a tiger show, archery, bag pipers 'n' belly dancers, jousting matches, sword fights, little Medieval shoppes, plenty of food/drinks and much, much more! It was such a great time, and I will definitely go back! It's only open for 2 months out of the year (between September & October) but well worth the visit! Sunday happened to be the last day of the season, so it was pretty packed but I'm glad we made it this year!

So it was quite the eventful weekend I must say. Stay tuned next week for a review of my adventures in NYC during Halloween weekend! Be back soon! xo

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